Our church’s ministry is guided by a variety of people serving on Ministry Teams. The following provide leadership at Second CRC:


The Worship Team seeks to shape Second Church’s worship services so that God is glorified and his grace is celebrated in ways that are Biblical, faithful to Reformed Doctrine, spiritually inspiring, and culturally relevant.

  • Committee Members for 2019-2020 are: Amy Brasser, Chair; Cathy MacLeod, Braden DeWeerd, Karen Admiraal, Zach Van Wyk, Jenn Mellema, Wendy Kops, Music Director; and Pastor Doug MacLeod


The Discipleship Team seeks to help children, students, and adults as they seek to “Know Christ and Make Christ Known.” This team oversees the Student Ministries Team and our Adult Ministries.

  • Committee Members for 2019-2020 are: Ann Pell, Chair; Joni Boeskool; Mary V. Folkema; Chelsea Breuker; and Zach Van Wyk, Student Ministries Director.

Student Ministries

The Student Ministries Team seeks to create programs and experiences that help children and students know that they belong, know that they have hope, know that they understand the truth of the gospel, and know that they are called to the work of the Church. They oversee the various children and student programs that Second CRC offers, for more information click HERE

  • Committee Members for 2019-2020 are: Zach Van Wyk, Mary V. Folkema, Gail Wagenmaker, Stephanie DeKuiper.


The Fellowship Team seeks to build supportive and caring relationships within our community of faith through special meals, potlucks and churchwide functions.

  • Committee Members for 2019-2020 are: Nanci Nieboer, Chair: Vicki Gilliland, Kathy Shira, Sharon Blohm


The Outreach Team leads our local outreach and international mission support efforts.  We look for ways to engage our community through participation in and creating local events, and with providing weekly worship services at the Newaygo Medical Care Facility.  We also support seven US and international mission efforts; click HERE to learn more about these ministries.

  • Committee Members for 2019-2020 are: Tyler Cook, Audra Powell, Bob Barnhart, Lewis Blohm, Tara Kartes, Marique Buchanan


The Property Team seeks to keep our physical space up to date through the maintenance and improvement of our facility and grounds.

  •  Committee Members for 2019-2020 are:  Ken Wolffis, Doug Nieboer, Chris Boven, Bob Hayward, Lewis Blohm, Jon Mellema, Dave Breuker